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Chicken breast salad marinated with barbeque sauce

Chicken breast salad marinated with barbeque sauce

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An aromatic salad, tasty and perfect for the warm season!

  • For the marinade:
  • 400 g diced tomatoes in its own juice
  • 1 tablespoon sweet chili sauce
  • 1 tablespoon mustard
  • 1 tablespoon ketchup
  • 2 tablespoons Worchestershire sauce
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 finely chopped red onion
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 400 g chicken breast
  • Other ingredients:
  • 250 g cherry tomatoes
  • 1 small red onion
  • ½ long cucumber or 2-3 small cucumbers
  • a few fresh basil leaves
  • 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • salt
  • croutons

Servings: 3

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Marinated chicken breast salad with barbeque sauce:

For starters, grab the marinade.

Put the oil in a pan and when it has heated add the finely chopped onion and mix for 1 minute.

Put the rest of the ingredients over the onion, mix and let it simmer until the sauce has dropped by half and the composition is like a softer puree.

When it is ready, let it cool, then make a paste with a blender.

In a saucepan or bowl with a lid, place the chicken breast, which I washed and cut into medium-sized strips, and pour the blended sauce over the meat.

Stir a little and put the bowl in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

The sauce left after removing the meat can be reused in other dishes, it can be refrigerated for up to 2 weeks.

After the chicken has been marinated, take it out and fry it on a very hot grill, over a high flame, until it is very well browned on both sides, then transfer it to the oven with a little water on top (2-3 tablespoons) and leave it 8-10 minutes at a temperature of 200 ° C.

During this time we prepare the rest of the vegetables:

We cut the tomatoes into quarters, the cucumbers into cubes (without seeds) and the small onions. Place them all in a bowl and season the salad with vinegar, oil, salt and finely chopped basil.

Over the vegetables, put the meat fresh out of the oven and serve with toast or flavored croutons.

Good appetite!

Chicken breast salad marinated with barbeque sauce - Recipes

Eating dietary and healthy does not mean giving up the dishes you like, says Andreeea Sava. "And just to prove this theory to you, here are 3 very tasty recipes that have less than 400 calories. I intentionally put pizza and pasta among them," the journalist wrote on her personal blog.

Chicken in sesame crust (245 cal / portion)

Preparation time: 10 minutes (plus 8 hours for marinating the chicken)

Ingredients for 4 servings:

4 teaspoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon raw sugar
2 teaspoons crushed garlic
1 teaspoon sesame oil
4 pieces of chicken breast of 100 grams each, boneless and skinless
½ cup with sesame seeds
1 teaspoon low-fat butter

In a bowl, place the soy sauce, garlic, brown sugar and sesame oil and mix well. Put the chicken and this mixture in a sealable bag and leave to marinate in the fridge for 8 hours.

Put the sesame seeds in a bowl and pass each piece of chicken through the seeds, on all sides.

Heat the olive oil and butter in a pan over medium heat. Add the chicken and keep it for 3-6 minutes or until well done and the sesame seeds turn copper. They can be served immediately.

BBQ Chicken Pizza (362 calories / serving)

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Ingredients for a pizza (4 servings):

A pizza tray with a diameter of 30 cm, made of wholemeal flour (ready-to-buy)
1 cup with skinless chicken breast pieces
½ cup + 2 teaspoons barbeque sauce
½ Medium-sized red onion cut into rounds
½ sliced ​​orange bell pepper
½ cup of Ceddar low fat breed cheese
½ cup of low fat Mozzarella breed
2 tablespoons freshly cut coriander
½ teaspoon black pepper
Method of preparation:

In a small bowl, place the chicken and ¼ cup of BBQ sauce. Make sure the chicken is covered in sauce.

Red pig pictures

Pig appearance. The pig has an elongated snout, thick skin called mice and is covered with rough and sparse hairs. To facilitate their classification, the pig breeds were divided into 4 large groups: 1. mixed breeds where we find the Great White, Landrace, Duroc. 2. meat breeds including Pietrain, Belgian Landrace, Hampshire. Not to be left without and not to have beets next to the steak. If you decide to put red beets in the jar after this recipe, I'll give you an idea of ​​how you can prepare a delicious beetroot salad with horseradish. Simply sticks of the already pickled beets, grate them. Gascon black pig breed - Noir de Bigorre Article Information Category: Pigs 10 February 2019 This breed from the Mediterranean region has a hair color that varies from gray to black and a low growth rate. Pigs are active, have slender legs and a supple appearance and are short. The breed has adapted perfectly to life on pastures and.

The back of this one pig it is long and straight, very muscular, the thorax is arched and the limbs strong. The body is covered with fine, white hair, the skin is fine, white-pink. The Landrace pig is known for its docility, being easy to raise and maintain. It is distinguished by an increased prolificacy. Although many say it has cholesterol, pork is preferred by many because it is tasty. Among the many ways in which it can be prepared, I chose last week to make this recipe, with tomato sauce, baked and very soft, good and tender was 4 pieces of pork leg (with as little fat as possible) 1 tablespoon oil. 1 cup tomato juice (preferably natural) New heartbreaking pictures with Tavy Kid and his wife, right after the accident! Scream of pain 449-337 calories per serving What ingredients do you use in the recipe for lentils with lentils and eggplant 2 pieces red onion. I used minced pork but it can be prepared with any kind of minced meat, be it mixture, pork, beef or poultry. I also used red onions and dried peppers a little hot, baked on the flame and chopped with a knife.

The pork meat is washed and cut into cubes of about 4 cm. The kaizer is cleaned of mice, then cut into pieces of approx. 2 cm. The kapia pepper is washed, cleaned and cut into squares of approx. 1 cm. Peel the onion, then cut it into quarters. The mushrooms are cleaned, washed and detached. The water of a river near the border between North and South Korea turned red, after it was polluted with pig's blood, BBC reports. South Koreans slaughtered more than 47,000 pigs in an attempt to stop the spread of African swine fever To combat the risk associated with pork, scientists in the European Union and the United States have proposed a bill that, if approved, will introduce a tax on red meat, just as it currently exists with cigarettes and alcohol

Composed of over 1,000 images taken during the Thanksgiving 2019 holiday and meticulously assembled in the following months, that panoramic photo shows a Martian landscape at a resolution of 1.8 billion pixels. NASA published it on its website on March 4 Pictures tagged pig by members of the Family Photo Album community. View images with pork and other tags associated with them Downloads Pictures: plate, meal, food, salad, kitchen, breakfast, lunch, pork, onion, cook, tomato, pepperoni, french, tasty. Laura sorrensen pictures: pork, meal, meat, lunch, dinner, delicious, plate, frying pan, frying, food, kitchen. The pork tenderloin should be cut into slices of about 5 cm, which are seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin and thyme and pan-fried in a little olive oil, one minute on each side, to catch a light crust. Then wrap in slices of bacon and bake for 15 minutes at 200.

To make pork and onion stew, we start by peeling about 1.3 kg of dried onions, which are washed well and cut into scales. Put 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil in a suitable saucepan, in which the pieces of pork are fried for 3-4 minutes. Red meat: Pork, lamb, sheep, beef, goat. Precautions. While frozen and canned options may be convenient, nothing beats fresh meat. Buying meat from a clean and safe store is essential for one's health Soup recipes, soup recipes, soup and soup recipes in pictures, meatball soup, belly soup, beef soup, radish soup, soup recipes all kinds, chicken soup recipe, how to make chicken soup, chicken soup with noodles, chicken soup with dumplings This type of sugar is found in red meat (pork, beef, sheep, goat, etc.), in milk beef and certain dairy products. Because the human body cannot produce Neu5Gc naturally, when it is absorbed into the tissues through food it causes an immune response from the immune system, which considers it a foreign substance. The Duroc pig breed was formed in the mid-19th century in the United States. of America from the crossbreeding of several breeds (some of which are imported from Europe). Between 1882 and 1885 the Duroc pig breed was officially recognized worldwide. Their color - red - rust - is different from the color of other breeds. Pigs have longer and thicker brushes, their ears hang down.

Red marinade with garlic and thyme for pork

Slice the pork chops, place in a pan greased with oil and season with salt, pepper and plenty of thyme. Add the meat and garlic slices and put the tray in the oven at medium temperature until the chops are well browned. From time to time they are greased with the sauce from the tray and turn from one side to the other. Pork could be more expensive in Romania: Flights to fly of pork, but that our country also produces more from the trade in pork in the European Community. It claims that saturated fats in red meat - either pork or beef - are carcinogenic. Especially if you cook them on the grill. In combination with any kind of alcohol, they become harmful foods for the body and can cause, in time, serious illnesses. Yogurt / Spices Order Grilled pork with lemon lei22.0 Pork / Lemon / Onion Chicken with lemon [

These homemade sausages are 100% natural. Products from farm-raised animals. InformationIngredients: pork, salt, mix of natural spices Sea buckthorn, White onion, Red onion, green onion, Wax Images for vegetable 400 g pork leg 1 yellow onion . 2 Cut the meat into 4 cm long and 1 cm wide strips, then brown in oil. Add the onion, red beans drained of juice and passed through a stream of cold water, salt, hot pepper and garlic. Cover the bowl with a lid and simmer for 5 minutes, then add the juice. 400 g pork leg 1 yellow onion. 2 cloves garlic. 3 pieces of hot pepper. 800 g Mexican beans. olive oil. Tomato juice. sea ​​salt. thyme. Method of preparation. Finely chop half of the onion and grind the garlic Shops and prices - Dog food Julius-K9 Grain Free Adult Utility Dog Wild Boar & Berry 3 kg from 72.99 RON !: (Grain Free Adult Utility Dog Wild Boar Berry 3 kg) JULIUS-K9® Utility Dog Boar & Berry consists of a mixture of premium proteins derived from hypoallergenic sources: wild boar, beef, lamb and fish. Blueberries provide

PRO TV - Rare holiday pictures with Roger's family

For those who do not like pork, they can opt for the Beef Mussel Recipe with cherry sauce and new potato garnish with broccoli puree! Pork breast is served with fondant potatoes, with various sauces such as: a beetroot sauce, a green sauce of onions and greens, or a spicy horseradish sauce 400 g pork leg. Method of preparation. Finely chop half of the onion and grind the garlic. Cut the meat into 4 cm long and 1 cm wide strips, then brown in oil. Add the onion, red beans drained of juice and passed through a stream of cold water, salt, hot pepper and garlic. beef, pork, lamb or bison) Poultry Fish and seafood Traditional soy foods (tofu, tempeh, edamame) 33-39. Gluten-free foods: dairy products. Most dairy products do not contain gluten. However, some are flavored and contain additives that should be checked by two.

The color of the liver is red-brown, and its intensity varies depending on the amount of blood contained. Seen under a magnifying glass, we can see that the liver seems to be made up of granules, each of them representing a liver lobe. In the case of hepatic steatosis, the liver can no longer cope with excess lipids and changes. Danger for pigs aged 3-12 months. Erysipelotrix rhusiopathiae bacillus We find it in pigs aged 3-12 months, less often in lambs and turkeys.

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PHOTO The Romanian pig vs

Call us (Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 18:00) or write to us at 0772.264.642 or at the e-mail address [email protected] and ask questions about coronavirus, social situations, medical, psychological support. Indicates special situations Animal organs (liver, kidneys), red meat (beef, lamb and pork), sausages, seafood (shellfish), but also anchovies, sardines and tuna. Moderate portions of fish can be part of the diet of those suffering from gout By Andreea Radu, Tuesday, November 19, 2019, 14:30. The pig is part of the Wag Brigade of the American airport, an entire department dedicated to therapy animals, writes R, quoted by Business Insider. As part of his daily uniform, LiLou wears a pilot's hat and has his nails painted red. One of the many images free stock from Pexels. This photo is about tomato, tomato, beef

18.03.2020 - Explore Years Pass board House sausages on Pinterest. See more ideas about Food, Recipes, Smoking One of the many images free stock from Pexels. This photo is about sauce, tomato, beef. Red meat is an important source of iron and is mainly represented by beef, lamb and pork. Unfortunately this meat can contribute to weight gain because it has many calories, so it is recommended to eat in moderation 25.01.2019 - Explore Tolocica Mirela Gratiana's board red hood on Pinterest. See more ideas about Little Red Riding Hood, Kindergarten, Pork Preschool with Mustard. In This Article: Preparing Ingredients For this pork cake recipe, the good pieces are the plate, the milkmaid, the top of the fillet, the river, the shoulder, the thighs and the thigh. Preparation: 20 minutes

Pig All Animal

  • We have everything in our diet. Nutritionist Mihaela Bilic made some clarifications regarding pork and its benefits
  • 16-09-2020, Cabbage Coloring Images

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Mashed potatoes and minced meat recipe. Traditionally, musacaua is prepared from layers of minced lamb or any other red meat, alternating with slices of fried eggplant or potato, with slices of tomatoes and white sauce. Put the ingredients all in a deep and wide bowl, in layers, bake in the oven and serve the product in large pieces. Season the pork ribs with salt and pepper and bake in the oven at medium temperature until golden brown. From a few finely chopped mushrooms mixed with breadcrumbs and parmesan, prepare a paste, which is then placed over the ribs a few minutes before extinguishing the fire Cherhanaua from Zaga Zaga is the ideal place to admire the Siret Delta and at the same time , enjoy fresh fish dishes

Pig Breeds - Descriptions, Characteristics and Recommendation

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2. Schnitzel. It is made from a slice of meat (usually beef, but is now prepared from other meats such as pork or chicken), flattened with a hammer, passed through flour, egg and breadcrumbs and fried in oil. It is usually served with a portion of french fries or vegetables, with a sauce and a piece of lemon to enhance the flavor The tastiest dishes in traditional Romanian cuisine! Fast home and office delivery Disturbing images! The water of a river turned into blood! The reason is amazing! Authorities intervened urgently. The water of a river near the border between North and South Korea has turned red after being polluted with pig's blood 13.08.2020 - Explore Luca Mihaela's board Christmas food, followed by 398 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Food, Recipes, Cooking

Top 5 breeds of pigs with the best production yield

The popular port of Bucovina manages to highlight the simplicity and affinity for beauty of the inhabitants here. The women of the Beech Country work handmade folk costumes, using folk motifs such as spike, leaf, sun, cross, each element having a specific meaning, from the richness of the earth to faith in God. How to prepare pork roll with vegetables. 1. Wash the meat well under running cold water and cut so as to obtain a thin and large enough piece, which is beaten and seasoned with salt and pepper. Finely chop the onion and mushrooms and mix well with the minced meat, salt and pepper to taste. 2 Pictures from a park in Barcelona. Fill in your details below or click on an icon to authenticate Your Excellency Adrian Zuckerman, the US Ambassador to Bucharest, is on a visit to Vrancea, during which he has scheduled several meetings. The arrival of the American diplomat had an unpleasant incident Mixed grill tray for one person (chicken breast, neck, chicken legs, golden potatoes, rice with vegetables, salad) VI

It is also important to note that proteins can be of animal origin: pork, poultry, red meat, fish and seafood, dairy (except butter), whey. The second category includes vegetable proteins: soybeans, hemp seeds, seeds, nuts, hazelnuts Evolution. Each cell in order to survive is forced to resort to a series of exchanges of substances with the environment in which it is located. Through evolutionary processes, multicellular organisms appear, in this form not all cells have direct contact with the environment, but indirectly through a longer process through the process of diffusion between cells.

Chicken burger or pork burger - 20 lei (bun, chicken / pork meatball, cedar cheese, french fries, tomato, pickled cucumber, pepper, lettuce, barbeque sauce) Menu of the day 24.07.2020 - 18.90 lei Belly soup, Soup Peasant chicken Red meat is a real health hazard, experts say, and it would be best to completely eliminate it from the diet. Even a small amount of red meat consumed daily increases alarmingly the risk of cancer, writes You have often been told that you get cancer from red meat, but you have consoled yourself with the thought that if you reduce its consumption, it will. The revolution in the Timişoara village of Sânpetru Mare, images shown for the first time in 30 years 0 PCR transcript from December 17, 1989 about Timişoara 0 Florian Cristache was injured at the barricade at the Intercontinental turned red after being contaminated with pig's blood, informs BBC. South Koreans slaughter more than 47,000 pigs in a bid to stop the spread of African swine fever Cherry (Prunus cerasus) is a fruit tree of the rosacea family (), smaller than the cherry, which can reach a height of 6 m.. It has glossy leaves, toothed on the edge, with white flowers, and is cultivated for its fruits, called cherries, which are globose, red-purple, with shades of black, sour-sweet

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Capresse fans with boconcini and fresh tomatoes MEAT DUET / TURKEY BREAST AND PORK MUSCLE View images from private events. View. Contacts. Odissea Events Sibiu Soseaua Alba Iulia 77 Sibiu, Romania 550052 +40 722 375 32 Stores and prices - Cat food Affinity Dry cat food Advance Cat Sterilized Senior 10+ years 1, 5kg 8410650173917 (8410650173917) 49,60 RON !: (Food) dried cat Advance Cat Sterilized Senior 10 years 1 5 kg 8410650173917 8410650173917) Sterilized cats +10 years Supports cat immunity and natural defensive barrier Chicken burger or pork burger - 20 lei (bun, chicken / pork meatball, cedar cheese, french fries, red , pickled cucumber, pepper, lettuce, barbeque sauce) Menu of the day 03.09.2020 - 18.90 lei Chicken soup with dumplings, Belly soup, Cream of mushroom soup

Thai pork with coconut milk Cuisine

According to most experts, pork is fatter and should not be eaten in large quantities or very often. Studies show that cold cuts, smoked meats and a high consumption of red meat (pork, beef, sheep) have a harmful effect on the colon and make digestion very difficult ☆ Pork stew with pasta ☆ Cabbage salad. FRIDAY: ☆ Pea soup with dumplings and chicken ☆ Breaded pork chop ☆ Natural potatoes ☆ Beetroot. We honor orders for appetizers, platters or other preparations for events (birthdays, name days, memorials, etc.

Regarding these images, it must be borne in mind that the process of building the digital database is underway, and that the photos are not uploaded to the website without being accompanied by a minimum of information included in the file related to each Photos and images with the mountain resort Rânca. Rânca Resort - Chalet Rânca Resort - visco Marinated pork for pork: 5 delicious recipes. A delicious pork marinade must contain ingredients that soften the meat (vinegar, lemon, acidic products), but also aromatic herbs or spices that accentuate its taste and give it a special flavor. Marinated for pork chop. Ingredient: 120 ml of soy sauce 60 ml.

Pickled food with meat

Recipe 2: Caramelized pork tenderloin with pears and red onions This recipe will satisfy your taste buds, because it offers not only satiety, but also a multitude of new tastes and sensations. In addition, it is extremely easy to do, taking a little time. A Romanian woman settled in the red zone of Germany made exclusive revelations for Antena 3. The woman confessed that in Germany it was not necessary for people to stay at home, and companies received non-reimbursable aid from the state

Preparation: Peel the cabbage from the leaves on top and chop finely, as for food. I chopped it with the mandolin. In a larger bowl, mix the chopped cabbage with salt and saddle to rest for an hour, just enough to soften a little. The effects of the decisions made by the authorities are felt even at football matches. There were incredible scenes today, at the game between Shanghai SIPG and Buriram United in the Asian Champions League (3-0). Shanghai footballers entered the stadium wearing masks. The spectators' access to the match was. Sausages and caltabosi in pictures. Vine diagram. In pictures. Eating pork. From head to tail. Cabbage business. For chefs and chefs and owners of restaurants and bars. A little about culinary photography in under 1000 words. FROM LIFE. La Nutu. Thinner soup. Killing bears. Cholesterol. Monosyllabic. Uppercase letters. Diet

-red meat-alcohol Saturated fats that are associated with red meat, either pork or beef have a carcinogenic potential, inducing cancer. The way certain foods are prepared can lead to cancer. Through the process of grilling red meat, especially that which is accompanied by fat, it is. Pork, mussels, chops or pork neck are all in high demand around the winter holidays. In the rush for Christmas shopping, many go straight to the butcher's shops in the country's big hypermarkets and shops, but don't hesitate to buy meat or pork from the markets. Delicious and good-looking: Pork steak with potatoes. Five tips for getting the tastiest tender pork steak. Pork steak, good for licking your fingers. Prepare a delicious eggplant salad. A delicious recipe for donuts in steel

Thursday, September 24, 2020 Daily orders between 10:00 and 23:00, at tel. 0725 166 300 • 0725 166 500 • 0243 23 66 00 1-2 fresh tomatoes (or canned tomato pulp) 3-4 tablespoons of oil for sauteing vegetables 200-250 g pork (chop, neck, leg) mixture herbs and paprika, to taste mixture of herbs and dill, to taste salt, to taste ground pepper, to taste. How to prepare potato stew with pork PULP OR PORK MUSHROOMS WITH RED CABBAGE Ingredients: For steak: 0.75-1 kg lean pork (fat-free leg and bone or muscle) A tablespoon of oil. A few cloves of garlic. Salt, pepper and thyme to taste. Images for themes created by TommyIX Stores and prices - Cat food Affinity Advance Cat Kitten 400 gr 16.90 RON !: (AdvanceCatKitten400gr) Advance Cat Kitten - Complete and balanced food specially formulated for kittens (from 2 to 12 months), cats pregnant or breastfeeding. If your kitten is less than 1 year old, it is i Although pork is considered a red meat, it does not have as many carnitines as beef, lamb and venison, and chicken and fish have even less. The scientists behind the study, published in the journal, say their work suggests new drug targets for prevention and treatment.

Chicken breast salad marinated with barbeque sauce - Recipes

The Diesel restaurant in Piatra Neamţ is located on Petru Rareş Street, close to the old city center and the Dărmănesti neighborhood. That is, in an area opposite to where I live. That's why I don't think I've been there more than twice, and that's a few years ago. So, I can't say that I can give my opinion about the atmosphere and the rest, because I don't know what that restaurant looks like now, but I've been ordering at home for about a year, so I can make a personal evaluation, of course. , catering service.

In any case, I know that even when I was there I liked what I ate. When ordering for home, most of the time I choose pork stew for my mother, Radauti soup for me, or chicken dishes, I tried almost all of them, Diesel or chicken salad and fish dishes, with polenta and garlic . I was always very satisfied, the food is very good in taste, prepared properly, with the right sauces and flavors, it is not a long meal, like a canteen. It is a restaurant food with a whip, which is respected. I received the order at the specified time, or about 60-90 minutes after the phone call, but I was always notified when the order arrived at home.

The price is average, I can't say that Diesel dishes are the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but the value for money is very good. It's worth spending money on what you get for food. Given this, I would have given this restaurant 5 out of five stars if I had not had some disappointment at the last order. So, I'm going to lower the rating to 4 stars because:
- I had ordered 2 soups from Radauti, I received two belly soups. The boy said he would replace my soups if I had patience (I didn't have it, there was the lady who helped me with the cleaning and it was meal time). I said it's okay and that's it, no problem. But the problem was that the vinegar, probably uncooked from the soup, aroused my ulcer as I had only one crisis in my life, when my disease was detected. For two days I ate toast and drank tea. Otherwise, the soup was very tasty.
- the salmon fillet on the receipt said that it has 250 g, and in reality it had 139. I know, it is written on the site that during the preparation it decreases, about 30 g per 100 grams of raw fillets. If 250 g was raw fillet, I had to have 175 g of grilled salmon, not 139. Or did I pay for half the lemon in the box as salmon?

On top of that, friends of mine who frequent the restaurant told me it wasn't what it used to be. That they were there recently, that the somloi cake is not as good as before and that they ordered cordon bleu and it was raw. But you know what it's like, until it happens, it doesn't affect you, and you can't believe it's like that. I said then that it was a coincidence, and I once received a raw blue cord at the restaurant of a 4-star hotel in the city. A mistake when and when there is nothing to condemn, we are human. But look, mistakes have been repeated quite often lately.

In any case, I will continue to order from Diesel. The food is very good, I do not praise it in vain. And I hope the shortcomings of the last few weeks are just accidental.

Tasty RECIPES during LENT

The time of year has come again, when Romanians are preparing for the most important Christian holiday: Holy Easter. The spiritual cleansing that we must perform is far more important than what we eat. However, during Lent, there are three big rules for any kitchen: no meat, no milk and cheese, no eggs.
For many housewives, these rules can be a nightmare. We know that Romanians rarely eat a meatless meal, so the challenge of cooking, for almost two months, various and tasty dishes is one that we do not look forward to. That's why Podravka comes to your aid with some delicious fasting recipes, which will turn this "black" period into a healthy, low-calorie feast.
Traditional recipes
Rice seems to be the salvation of any meal, when it must be fasting. Boiled and seasoned to taste, it can be a delicious filling for sarmale and peppers. At the same time, the fillings for these two dishes do not look alike.
For baked peppers, the rice should not be boiled before, but only fried in a pan with hardened onions. It will swell as long as you keep the peppers in the oven, in the water and the tomato sauce you prefer. In addition to rice, the filling is made from several chopped vegetables, such as zucchini, eggplant and carrots, but do not forget the mushrooms, which will give a more "meaty" texture to the food.
For sarmale, it is important to boil the rice beforehand. Alternatively, you can use bulgur, a mixture of different types of wheat. Like rice, bulgur swells when cooked. Unlike peppers, only mushrooms need to be added to the filling, but seasoning is much more important. Each housewife has her own collection of favorite spices, but the Vegeta from Podravka will considerably enrich the taste and will save you from unsuccessful experiments.
As traditional fasting recipes, we can also recommend peasant potatoes (obviously, in their version without ham or bacon), bean stew or cabbage noodles. You understand how to season, right?
Soy, a miracle in the kitchen
Forget everything you've heard wrong about soy. This food has become popular again in recent years because it is a healthy alternative to meat. No, I'm not going to lie that it tastes exactly the same as a chicken breast, but it has a similar texture, and if it's cooked properly, soy will amaze you with its flavor.
Use soy for simple, pan-fried recipes. First boil the dry pieces until they swell, then marinate or season according to preference. Any combination of meat spices works just as well on soy. Just keep in mind that soy works almost like a sponge, so don't wonder where the oil or sauces you left it in marinated disappeared. However, the taste will remain intact, even more intense than the meat.
You can serve soy with potato or rice garnishes or you can use it in delicious Chinese recipes, which will seem absolutely trivial compared even to Romanian cuisine. For a dish in five colors, for example, you can use multiple combinations: carrots, peppers of different colors, celery, onions and mushrooms of different kinds. Fry the soybeans and vegetables in olive oil (if the sesame oil doesn't seem accessible to you) and add a sweet sauce towards the end. Many people prefer concentrated pomegranate syrup, but if you can't find it, you can put ketchup or barbeque sauce directly in the pan.
For Chinese recipes, soy can be seasoned with peppers of different colors, paprika, ginger and garlic powder. And in case you're wondering, yes, Vegeta works great, even in Chinese cuisine.
Cream soup
Do you want to try something special for the whole family? Cut the potatoes into cubes and put them to boil in a large pot, along with a little celery and two tablespoons of Podravka Vegeta. Meanwhile, sauté the onion with a large cube of margarine, then add the carrot slices. Simmer until the carrots are soft, then carefully pour the contents of the pan into the pot, along with the potatoes. Add spices to taste and bring to a boil. In addition to salt and pepper, we recommend paprika and a little ginger.
After the vegetables are cooked, strain the juice into a separate pot. Strain the vegetables until they become puree - here we recommend using a vertical mixer for maximum efficiency. After that, add at least one polish from the remaining juice. Depending on how thick you want the soup to be, you can add more or less juice. When ready, place the soup on plates and garnish with parsley.
Cream of carrot and potato soup is served with croutons of toast. This is a simple but extremely effective and tasty recipe. Alternatively you can add more vegetables to the mix, such as peas, squash, cauliflower, peppers, beets or whatever comes to mind. The method of preparation remains the same.
Kiss my hand for dinner!
Now that the whole family is happy and full, we are beginning to realize that fasting is not the worst idea in the world. After all, what are two months without meat, milk and eggs, when you have so many delicious recipes. We know you can't wait to go back to the kitchen and experiment, but don't forget to always have the Vegeta sachet from Podravka on hand.


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