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15 Foods that Fight Fatigue (Slideshow)

15 Foods that Fight Fatigue (Slideshow)

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If you’re feeling drained, try snacking on these foods

Walnuts have it all; in addition to protein and fiber to help keep you full, crunching on walnuts will help you feel more alert.


Walnuts have it all; in addition to protein and fiber to help keep you full, crunching on walnuts will help you feel more alert.


These versatile breakfast staples are high in protein, so they keep you feeling full and alert. But that’s not all! Eggs contain choline, which aids in brain function, helping you feel sharp as a tack.


Salmon is high in the omega-3 fatty acids human bodies need but can’t produce naturally. If your fatigue is a side effect of depression, research has found that upping your intake of omega-3s can boost the healing effects of anti-depressants.


According to Rumsey, leafy green veggies are packed with iron, which is proven to boost concentration and may decrease fatigue.

Wheat Germ

Sprinkling just a tablespoon of wheat germ over your cereal or smoothie will give you a day’s serving of vitamin E, which is known to relieve symptoms in chronic fatigue syndrome patients.


Grapefruit is an excellent source of potassium, so it will definitely up your energy levels. Plus, grapefruit is packed with immune-system-boosting vitamin C. Just one serving in the morning can help you fight off sicknesses that leave you feeling sluggish.


Now we’re talking! Dark chocolate cocoa nibs contain an ingredient called theobromine, which is a stimulant similar to, but less harsh than, caffeine. Make sure you’re going for very dark chocolate though; milk chocolate contains a lot of sugar and will lead to a crash.


If you’re feeling sluggish around lunchtime, you may want to have some lentil soup. Dietician Alissa Rumsey says lentils naturally balance blood sugar levels to help you avoid the dreaded post-lunch energy crash.


Those little grains pack a big punch. Quinoa is packed with good carbs and fiber as well as protein, so you’ll feel fuller longer and less tempted to reach for energy-zapping candy.

Sweet Potatoes

The average sweet potato contains just 112 calories, but packs 28 grams of complex (or “good”) carbs that will help your brain produce extra glucose and give you a big burst of energy.


Everyone knows that ginger aids in digestion, but did you know that it’s also a natural stimulant with an effect similar to caffeine?


Coconut oil contains a special kind of fatty acid that goes straight from the liver to the digestive tract for a quick boost of energy. Bonus: coconut can increase your energy expenditure, helping you to burn more fat.

Brown Rice

Whole grains are generally a good source of energy, but brown rice comes with the welcome addition of manganese, a dietary mineral that turns non-carbohydrate food into sugar to burn as fuel. The conversion processes gives you a slow release of energy throughout the day.


No, not the cinnamon sugar kind. According to nutritionist Alissa Rumsey, raw, unsalted almonds are a great source of healthy fat and protein that will keep your energy levels up throughout the day.


An apple generally contains about 25 grams of energy-boosting carbohydrates to pep you up, and at just 95 calories, it’s a pick-me-up you won’t regret later.

10 Foods That Fight Fatigue

Put down that energy drink with the outrageous name. Even if you’re dead tired, you’ll be better off grabbing a healthy snack than downing some noxious chemical cocktail.

“We put so much emphasis on caffeinated drinks, but those just spike up your energy before slowing you down,” says Jim White, R.D., owner of Jim White Fitness in Virginia. “Get rid of this idea of a quick fix.”

Instead, White recommends eating frequent meals (skipping one can cause your blood sugar to rise and then tank), and putting some strategy behind the foods you pair. For example, whole grains consumed with protein can help prolong an energy high. (With that, watch your sugar intake. Sweets, pastries, or even granola bars boost energy, but that energy quickly plummets.)

Read on to discover 10 healthy foods that can make you feel more alert, ward off muscle fatigue, and give you the get-up-and-go you need to power through your day.

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Spinach contains iron and vitamin B the latter is essential for proper functioning of the pancreas. Other leafy greens, such as kale and Swiss chard, also offer this benefit. Spinach significantly reduces the chances of inflammation, which reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer. It also contains MGDG agents, which research shows substantially slow down the rate of cancer cell growth in the pancreas.

Using Food to Fight Fatigue During Cancer Treatment

Fatigue may be experienced as tiredness, weakness, lack of energy, or sheer exhaustion. Learning to recognize and respect your limits often means making adjustments in exercise, work, sleep, eating, and social schedules. Getting extra rest is important and so is eating plenty of nutritious food, because inadequate intake of calories and other nutrients can compound fatigue. Adjusting eating schedules and food choices can help.

General Suggestions

Eat as much as possible at your best time of day. If fatigue worsens later in the day, eat a larger breakfast or lunch.

You may feel more like eating after you have napped or rested.

Eat many small meals and snacks throughout the day.

Avoid skipping meals and snacks. Choose liquid nutritional supplements to replace a meal or snack if easy-to-prepare food is unavailable.

At times when you have more energy, prepare foods in quantity. Refrigerate or freeze them for eating later.

Keep leftovers on single-serving containers so they can be easily warmed in the microwave.

Use frozen or canned convenience foods that require little preparation.

Purchase supermarket deli foods and carryout food from restaurants.

Accept the offers of family and friends to help out.

Check on availability of "Meals on Wheels" in your community.

Check on the availability of a "Take Out Taxi" service in your area. These services will pick up foods from participating restaurants and deliver them to your door.

19 Recipes to Help With Adrenal Fatigue

All of us struggle with anxiety from time to time. But when stressful days turn into weeks, and those weeks turn into worn-out months, you may wonder if what you’re actually experiencing is adrenal fatigue.

The theory behind the hotly debated condition goes something like this: When your body is in a state of constant, chronic stress, your adrenal glands become less effective at producing cortisol, the stress hormone that has multiple functions, from regulating blood pressure to decreasing inflammation. The result? Ambiguous but concerning symptoms that may include unexplained hair loss, body aches, and extreme exhaustion.

It’s important to note that this condition is not officially recognized by the majority of conventional medical practitioners, who point to a lack of scientific evidence to support the diagnosis. Many are also concerned that attempts to treat the unproven condition may prevent individuals from properly addressing a deeper underlying health issue.

If you’re concerned about any of the symptoms we mentioned earlier and/or are considering taking medications or supplements to address them, step one would be to talk to a health professional.

But regardless of whether you believe in adrenal fatigue, you can start feeling better by simply eating the right foods! Focus on incorporating more whole, real ingredients and cutting out the extra salt and added sugars. These 19 recipes are chock-full of gut-healthy probiotics, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains, all of which can help take you from exhausted to energized.

1. 10-Minute Breakfast Hash With Plantains and Chimichurri

Despite all the attention low carb diets get, resistant starches, like plantains that lower blood sugar and balance insulin, are actually key for adrenal health. Enjoy them in this hash, where, paired with sausage and topped with a zesty herb sauce, they won’t taste any different from regular potatoes.

2. Chickpea Scramble Breakfast Bowl

Quality protein is a must when you’re trying to get your adrenal health under control while the usual go-tos like fish, eggs, and are no-no’s for vegans, never underestimate the power of beans. Here, chickpeas and fresh herbs make for quick and flavorful plant-based breakfast. The pinch of turmeric not only adds some extra anti-inflammatory power but also brightens up the entire bowl.

3. Apple Pecan Quinoa Breakfast

Shredded apples and coconut sugar give this high-fiber breakfast quinoa the perfect touch of sweetness, while pecans provide that essential healthy fat to keep you energized through the morning. It doesn’t hurt that the recipe tastes like pie too.

4. Teff Banana Pancakes

Gluten is on the “avoid” list for adrenal fatigue diets, but pancakes should always be allowed. Just substitute regular wheat flour with teff—a gluten-free African grain you’ll spot at any gluten-free aisle or health food store—and you can still enjoy your short stacks on weekend mornings.

5. Fluffy Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls

Swap out your morning oats a few times a week in favor of this equally fiber-rich but more colorful and vitamin-dense bowl. Roasting the sweet potatoes gives them that delicious caramelization without added sugar, while nut butter gives them plenty of richness. Top with more nuts, fruit, or even a dollop of yogurt for extra nutrition.

6. Egg Pancake With Kimchi and Smoked Salmon

Proponents of adrenal fatigue believe it has direct links to the state of your gut—but you know what? Even non-believers should keep their gut healthy with “good” bacteria. While there are pills for that, it’s much more fun to get your probiotics through fermented foods like kimchi, especially when it’s mixed with smoked salmon and scooped onto this Asian-inspired cross between an omelet and a crepe.

7. Warm Lentil and Tomato Salad

Keep any iron deficiencies at bay with the help of this lentil salad—the legume is an awesome source of iron and tastes particularly good with tangy sun-dried tomatoes and a sweet and spicy Dijon dressing.

8. Cumin Roasted Carrot and Golden Beet Soup

It may not contain grains, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, sugar, or nuts, but there’s still plenty to enjoy about this soup, particularly the fact that it’s about as clean as food gets. The focus is entirely on the veggies, which take on such depth of flavor once they’re roasted that you won’t need more than a few simple spices to round out the dish.

9. Tempeh Kale Taco Salad

Not a tofu fan? Tempeh is its heartier and meatier cousin, and as a fermented food, comes with lots of gut-aiding benefits. Marinated with tamari, chili powder, and cumin, it makes for a fantastic ground beef substitute in this vegan taco salad, where, bean, corn, and a creamy tahini dressing help make it filling enough for a full meal.

10. Zesty Green Soup

With bone broth, ginger and garlic for better immune function, kale and broccoli for gut-aiding fiber, and sweet potato for a thick, bisque-like texture, this soup is healthy with a capital H. Don’t just save it for when you’re sick, though—it’s too tasty not to have on healthier days too.

11. Ikarian Taro Root Salad

For a starch that’s even more resistant than potatoes, try taro root. Dressed up with lemon, olive oil, and parsley in this Greek salad, the tuber looks and even tastes like its spud cousins but is even better for your gut bacteria.


Celery contains luteolin, a flavonoid antioxidant that protects the brain from inflammation, cognitive aging and neurodegenerative diseases, and it can greatly enhance memory, learning and spatial awareness. Other sources include radicchio, peppers, parsley, artichokes, juniper berries and sage.

Try this:Stuff celery stalks with almond butter and top with dried cranberries juice it with carrots and ginger toss sliced celery with garlic and olive oil and roast until golden.

Chamomile tea

This is probably one of the most recommended bedtime soothers around. I've always loved it because the flowers are so pretty, like tiny daisies. But now there's more evidence than ever that chamomile calms. A study from the University of Pennsylvania tested chamomile supplements on 57 participants with generalized anxiety disorder for 8 weeks, and found it led to a significant drop in anxiety symptoms. Of course, I'd much prefer you drink it in tea form&mdashthat way, you'll get the warm, wonderfully calming feeling of holding a mug of tea as you sit in a quiet spot before bed. And yes, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, there is some evidence that, in addition to calming nerves, chamomile promotes sleep.

Just pour a cup of boiling water over 2 to 3 heaping tablespoons of the dried flowers (you can buy chamomile either loose or in tea bags at health food stores) and steep for 10 minutes. Try having a cup every night: Turn off the TV, the computer, and your phone, and settle down for a peaceful end to the day. It's nice iced, too.

MORE: 5 Steps To A Perfect Cup Of Tea

15 Must Know Foods That Beat Fatigue

Eggs and omelette

Eggs are dairy products and are also included in poultry. They have a high amount of protein in it. Protein helps the body to get some energy and function more energetically. It is really good for lactating women, men, children, teens and young adults. Eggs can be eaten raw with milk, in the form of omelette and even boiled. All these ways of consumption guarantee a whole lot of energy enough for the whole day.

Spinach is really a good choice for getting energy

Spinach is a really good option for consuming food for energy. Spinach has magnesium, iron, and potassium in it. It helps the whole body to get a lot of energy and nutrition that is enough for the human body to function energetically and get rid of lethargy and laziness during the whole day.

Soya bean granules, chunks

Soya bean has high protein thus it is a good option to consume to get rid of lethargy and laziness. Soya bean can be included in oats, it can be eaten boiled or it can also be cooked in curry. It is really soft to eat and is tasty. Soya bean has a really good amount of protein in it. It is really good for children, women and young adults. It can also be consumed in the form of soya milk. Soya milk also has a really high quantity of protein in it which help in dealing with laziness.

Milk and flavored milk

Milk has high calcium in it. Calcium helps in the development of bones and strengthens the immune system. People who are in their middle ages sometimes feel lethargy and weakness. This is because the bones start to wear off. Thus, consuming milk in the diet will help the body to get some calcium and strengthen the body. It will give energy to the body so that it can function the whole day without fatigue and laziness.

Potato and bread

Potato is one of the vegetables that kids love. It is good in taste and also can be cooked with every dish that one wants to have. Potato has carbohydrates that help in increasing the energy level. It gives the body a lot of nutrition so that it can fight laziness and fatigue. Many athletes include carbohydrates in their diet. Carbohydrates are really helpful as they give a lot of energy boost to the body. Thus including carbohydrates in the diet is a must. Other sources of carbohydrates can be bread and butter.

Fish is a very good food item for increasing energy

Fish has iodine and protein in it, which helps the body to get a huge load for energy. It helps the body to maintain a healthy weight. Iodine and protein in fish are really helpful for the body to beat lethargy. Iodine helps improve digestion, thus keeping the metabolism high. Thus, the body feels highly energetic and the level of lethargies decreases. Salmon and tuna have the most accurate amount of nutrients to treat laziness and lethargy.

Banana is just the right food for gaining energy

Banana is the source for carbohydrates. The level of carbohydrates present in banana is enough for the body to get some energy and be active. All the athletes and people who need high carbohydrates diet need a banana every day. Thus banana will help the body to get high carbohydrates which will give energy to the body and reduce lethargy and laziness.

Oats is the best source of energy

Oats can be consumed every morning. Oats have grains and nutritious granules, which will give the body a whole lot of energy. Oats are highly beneficial even if they are consumed in a little amount. Eating oats early morning promises the body a wide range of nutrition making you feel highly energetic and free from lethargies.

Multigrain food supplements are a must increase energy in the body.

Multigrain food supplements are a must if your body is lazy and full of lethargies. Multigrain food supplements have a whole wide range of nutrients in it. These nutrients and grains help the body to gain some energy and function without laziness. Many food items are available which have multigrain in it, It can be multigrain oats, multigrain bread, multigrain chocolate, and even multigrain energy bar.

Seasonal fruits are a must to avoid lethargy

Every season has its own seasonal fruit. Fruits are full of freshness and nutrients. They can have a wide range of nutrients and vitamins in it. These nutrients can be consumed by consuming the fruit. Apples, guava, lichi, nuts, pumpkin, and watermelon are great to get some energy. Fruits can be of many types and are available in a large variety. Thus, one can consume any fruit of his/her choice to avoid laziness and lethargy.

Chicken is a must to give the body energy and avoid laziness

Chicken is a lean protein and it has a wholesome amount of nutrients in it. One can consume boiled or cooked chicken. This will help the body to get a lot of protein in good amount leading to the production of energy in the body. This will make the body active. Consuming chicken will help the body to be free from lethargy and laziness.

Water in good amounts helps keep the stamina high the whole day

Water consumed in good amounts treats lethargy and laziness very well. Water has the capacity to boost the energy processing level in the body. Thus one should drink as much water as possible to make the body active and full of energy the whole day. This will make the body healthy and free from lethargy and laziness.

Leaner meat like turkey is a must to get rid of lethargy and laziness

Turkey is one of the leaner meats like fish and chicken. Consuming red meat can be harmful to the body. Turkey has a good amount of protein. Other meats have a high amount of processed and saturated fats. Turkey has lee amount of saturated fat and high level of protein which is enough for the body to get energy and stay active. Turkey is really helpful to avoid laziness and lethargy.

Nuts and seed are a must to beat fatigue and laziness

Nuts and seeds like cashew, hazelnut, and almonds are a must for beating fatigue and laziness. They have a high amount of protein in it. Protein will help the body to generate a good amount of energy. This energy will help beat laziness and lethargy in the body.

Non-caffeinated beverages help the body to generate a good amount of energy

Caffeinated drinks and beverages have an excess of sugar in it which is really harmful to the body. Black coffee and unsweetened tea have a high energy level in comparison to other drinks. This is because they are unsweetened, so the excess of sugar factor is not available in it. Thus it provides the body with a good amount of energy without being harmful. Black coffee and many unsweetened beverages are best for beating lethargy and laziness.

Fortified cereals

Not a beef person? Many fortified bowls of cereal pack an entire day&rsquos worth of zinc. For example, a serving of Kellogg&rsquos Smart Start or General Mills Whole Grain Total, has about 15 milligrams (mg) of the mineral. For a point of comparison, a 3-ounce serving of beef has about 7 mg of zinc.

✔️ Your optimal dose: Aim for one bowl daily&mdashespecially if you relate to any of these six signs you're not getting enough zinc.

Aloe Digestive Elixir

Another way to use ginger is by including it in a drink or in this case, an Aloe, Ginger & Mint Digestive Elixir. Along with ginger, aloe and mint both have anti-inflammatory properties that both help calm and heal the gut.

Again, these are by no means the end all, be all of the cures but they do promote healing since they are anti-inflammatory foods. Figuring out this whole SIBO diagnosis will no doubt be quite the journey and might mean a slight change in some of the recipes you see here. Regardless, they will remain gluten-free with a focus on nourishing and refueling active bodies.

This post was originally shared inJuly 2016 and has since been updated to include newer recipes.

Portions of this post also appeared on Healthy Helper Blog.


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