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Eggs decorated for Easter, according to the napkin method

Eggs decorated for Easter, according to the napkin method

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In case you have no other options to paint Easter eggs, this method can get you out of the deadlock.
Can any of your loved ones contribute their creativity. A method of relaxation and imagination.
The joy of children especially.

  • 10 eggs
  • Napkins whatever you have
  • A lightly beaten egg white
  • A small penson

Servings: 5

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Eggs decorated for Easter, according to the napkin method:

Remove the eggs and bring them to room temperature.

Wash the eggs well, using a kitchen sponge.

Put eggs to boil a little salt and over medium heat for 10 minutes.

Remove from the water and allow to cool completely.

Choose the napkins you will work with and remove the white layer, it will remain a thin and colorful layer.

From the colored one, break small pieces by hand to include the desired pattern.

Beat with a fork beat a little egg white in a cup.

Using the thin layer brush, apply it on the surface of the egg, then pass the brush over the napkin starting from the middle to the edge.

This will remove the formed wrinkles.

Tips sites


Choose a small and straight board


you can decorate eggs as you like, animals, cartoon heroes ... etc


Do not add eggs in boiling water, you risk cracking.

Pasta Eggs

Pasta recipes or painted pasta. With three tablespoons of paprika or more cooked for 30 minutes you can get eggs of a beautiful brick red. The Easter egg also has a decorative purpose during Easter.

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Diluted or used as such, red wine can be extremely effective in obtaining dark purple eggs.

Pasta eggs. Colored eggs are not missing from Easter meals. About traditionally painted pasta eggs, in order for the intense colors to come out, it is necessary to boil the leaves, the fruits, etc. first. Waffle maker duraceramic. It is usually a hard-boiled chicken egg that is traditionally eaten or given away.

Painted pasta eggs. In addition to eggs, we always took a few slices of my mother's brilliant cake and after hitting the eggs we sat on the sidewalk and ate boiled eggs with cake. I thought such a tutorial would be useful especially for those who have never painted eggs or for. 0 votes 0 comments.

12 votes 0 comments. I was always with my mother or grandmother when they painted eggs and I remember that the paint on my hands did not last for days but it was worth it. Dark purple red wine. My dear ones, today I come back with a new tutorial for painted eggs for Easter.

They are traditional and extremely i. Easter eggs method water nail polish tutorial duration. From wikipedia the free encyclopedia an easter egg is an egg painted or decorated with drawings especially in red on the occasion of the Christian Easter holiday. Remove the color well with water.

Easter pasta eggs. I learned from childhood how to paint Easter eggs. If you want healthier Easter eggs painted without chemicals, here are some recipes with which you can color Easter eggs 100 naturally using only fruits, vegetables or spices. Red paprika brick.

Remove the eggs from the fridge in time, wash them well with dishwashing detergent and rinse. My dear ones, today I came back with a tutorial on how to paint Easter eggs. 28 03 2020 explore ana truica s board oua paste on pinterest. Break the eggs in the lower end carefully and remove the contents of the hole to be the size of a.

Recipes for 100 healthy painted Easter eggs. Easter recipes recommendations for you and your home. Painted pasta eggs. Adygio kitchen 126,738 views.

For example, you need to use as many green leaves as possible for the resulting liquid to be as dark as possible. To properly paint the eggs must be in. Easter eggs economic method 3 variants of eggs with the same duration paint. See more ideas about eggs pasta easter eggs.

Video: Πασχαλινά Αυγά Ντεκουπάζ Με Ασπράδι και Χαρτοπετσέτα Easter Eggs Decoupage with Egg White u0026 Napkins (July 2022).


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