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Seasonal salad, with browned tofu in the pan

Seasonal salad, with browned tofu in the pan

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Wash the lettuce leaves well under running water and let them drain for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, peel the green onions, wash and slice.

Wash the cucumbers, peel and cut the slices.

Wash the tomatoes and slice.

Cut the tofu cheese into cubes, which are browned evenly, as much as possible, in the pan, in sunflower oil and over medium heat. After they have browned evenly, the tofu cubes are placed on a plate and sprinkled with: salt, pepper and paprika.

In the serving bowl put the coarse salad, sliced ​​cucumbers, sliced ​​tomatoes, sliced ​​green onions, olives and finally, the browned tofu cubes, along with the oil (cooled) in which they were browned, distributed throughout salad surface.

Season with: salt, pepper, cumin and dill (if desired) sprinkle with the juice of half a lemon and after 10 minutes in which the spices are absorbed by vegetables, the salad can be served, possibly with toast.

The beginning of diversification - tips for an easy transition to solid foods

Most parents may realize that their baby is ready to try solid foods, but they don't know exactly what to start with. Some opt for oatmeal, some for cereals specially formulated for children, and others consider that fruits and vegetables are the most suitable for introducing the little one to the world of solid foods.

Most experts recommend starting to diversify with fresh or steamed vegetables or fruits (preferably vegetables, and then fruits, because most babies accept a fruit much more easily than a vegetable). For example, you can start diversifying with fruits and vegetables that your mother eats frequently, as the little one is already familiar with these foods during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And, of course, it is preferable to choose seasonal products.

From one day to the next, the child will discover new smells, tastes and textures. Diversification is also an opportunity for the little one to discover a new way to eat. It won't be long before her mother's breast will want to hold her teaspoon and cup in her hand. At first, a few teaspoons of vegetable or fruit puree will suffice. Then you can adjust the amount of food according to your child's appetite. However, if the baby eats less than 200 grams of solid food, it becomes necessary to supplement the meal with breast milk or milk formula. Milk is still the child's basic nutritious food in its first year of life, according to

At the beginning of the diversification scheme, there will be days when the baby will eat more, other days when he will eat less and days when he will completely reject all foods. Parents should not be discouraged in such situations, as they are absolutely normal. They can leave a short break of 2-3 days, and then try to give the little one the same food or a different one. All children are different, and some learn to accept new foods and textures faster than others.

In order for the transition to solid foods to be a pleasant experience for both the baby and the parents, it is advisable to allow the child to touch the food, hold it in his hand and feed himself, using his fingers, even if most of the time it will get dirty and everything will seem like a game, in time it will look forward to the meal.

Do not force the child to eat, but rather wait for the next meal if at the moment he does not show interest. It is always best to allow the child to go through the whole diversification scheme at his own pace. Start by giving him only a few pieces or spoons of food once a day and wait for him to open his mouth before giving him the teaspoon of food. Always prepare warm, fresh food and check it before giving it to your child.

Do not add salt or sugar to baby food or cooking water and do not walk away from your baby during meals to avoid suffocation with food, according to

If your baby does not want to be fed a teaspoon, you can add a few tablespoons of vegetable puree to his milk bottle and then observe his reaction. If you do not want to eat a certain fruit or vegetable, do not insist, but try again in a week or two. In general, it may take more than 10 tries to know for sure if the little one does not like a certain food in any way. If the little one ate all the puree needed for his age at lunch, you can offer him the same dish for dinner, according to

Lacto-vegetarian recipes for the predominant Yang diet

We offer a selection of delicious recipes that can be prepared and eaten in the predominantly Yang diet.

It is very important to remember that vegetables are never fried in oil, but in a mixture of oil and water, the proportion being from a tablespoon of water to a tablespoon of oil! This is true not only of this regime, but is generally true.


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